Conversation English

New language learning is consists of Input and Output.

Input is listening and reading and Output is writing and speaking, and sometimes it is much harder for a non-native English speaker to deal with the Output.

Speaking is the least practiced Output skill, and conversation is hard when you worry too much about everything that leads to a mental block to the speaker.

1on1 English Teacher will provide our clients a way to have a live conversation partner that will help improve the client's confidence in reaching their potential in carrying an english conversation with their friends and colleagues, passing English testings like TOEFL, be able to communicate and focused in vocabulary and topics of trade, international relations and finance and other business topic.

Conversations with 1on1 English Teacher can be totally open and free-flowing, covering any topic your conversation partners feel like talking about.

Usually, everyone begins with greetings of “hello” and “how are you,” so those aspects of conversation will soon become very easy for our client. Greeting people in English will be like second nature!

As you gradually converse more and more (without being embarrassed of mistakes) you’ll find that you’re making great improvements in speaking English. An improved speaking ability means that you’re ready to move on up to the next level of more advanced conversation.

Use 1on1 English Teacher everyday

to build confidence and gain fluency