English for Early Learners (Kids)

This program is designed to help the children gain confidence, familiarity, and skills in reading for Pre-school, Kindergarten to Elementary levels.

Program Details

1on1 English Teacher offers:
Passionate Teachers- We build a better and happy teachers to create successful students. We genuinely care about the success of our customers and employees.
Real Teachers: Our Teachers are licensed and certified in any levels of English.

Fun Learning Experience:
Our program follow our philosophy of fun, affordable, and creative, which help kids learn with enthusiasm and keeps them excited about coming back for more!!! Thus, what would otherwise be a boring chore becomes an enjoyable and fun learning that kids love coming back to.

Real Conversational English:
We are focus on conversational skills, helping kids to articulate simple short sentences and phrases, which parents who have experienced it will tell you that it is an absolute joy!
Your Success is Important: The student's success is the most important thing to us. We will do everything we can to address your child's unique needs, whatever they are.
Flexible Affordable English class: We offer a high quality English class to fit your budget. 1on1 English Teacher Class offers affordable payment plan to choose from to fit your budget.

What we offer:

1on1 English Teachers 
Real Curriculum English:

Beginning (I and II) English Classes

Two levels of beginning English classes are offered to students with little or no prior English experience. Students will:

  • Learn basic English vocabulary, sight words, phonics, upper case and lower case letter recognition
  • Participate in extensive reading, writing, and conversation practice
    By the end of the course, students can communicate basic information about their work and activities in English.

Intermediate (I and II) English Classes

Two levels of intermediate English classes are offered to students with some English experience.  Students will:

  • Gain grammar proficiency learn sentence structure and a solid working vocabulary
  • Practice speaking, improve pronunciation, and develop stronger reading and listening comprehension skills

Advanced (I and II) English Classes

Two levels of Advanced English classes are offered, allowing students to:

  • Study advanced English grammar and vocabulary
  • Increase proficiency in speaking, reading, writing, and listening

“Path to Fluency”: Advanced Speaking and Pronunciation

Our friendly, experienced teachers help you improve your English speaking skills and give you the confidence to communicate effectively in any academic or business situation.

  • Learn to pronounce words like a native English speaker and reduce your accent
  • Develop the confidence to speak in public and have your voice be heard
  • Tailored curriculum to meet your specific language and pronunciation needs
  • Practice your English skills in a diverse, multi-cultural environment
  • Personalized staff support helps you achieve your goals
  • Morning and evening classes available to fit your busy schedule
  • Classes meet 5 days/week

Free trial assessment and one-on-one trial for the first lesson

1on1 Courses (can be done) with any mobile devices.
(Prices will vary)
(All our classes our live online with real teachers)

Use 1on1 English Teacher everyday

to build confidence and gain fluency