1on1 English Teacher is an effective and affordable way for young children to learn to read, speak and understand the English language. We provide a unique program designed to be both fun and educational, making learning an enjoyable experience.

Our online lessons are real-time and easily accessible wherever you may be, and supported on multiple platforms. Whether on your desktop, laptop, or any mobile device, our program is available and ready for use.

1on1 English Teacher has designed a program for your child's needs. We can teach you anywhere around the world without the expense of travel for both the instructors and students.

You can choose between one- on- one o r gro up c lasses , e ach taught by an experienced and certified ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher.

Kids will have an interactive experience that promotes an open exchange of ideas and socialization. They will be motivated as they learn with students their age, and will strive to work harder as they encounter new challenges.

Students will have fun as they interact with real teachers and participate in group lessons and discussions with their peers. The days of monotonous, boring, repetitive DVD/CD language learning programs that lose your child's interest are over. If you want your child to efficiently learn English as a second language in a fun and engaging way, 1on1 English Teacher is the program for you.

The human newborn brain is comparable to a sponge. It grows and develops at a massive rate, therefore absorbing information rapidly and efficiently.

A child’s brain is a learning machine, extremely malleable, free of any specific genetic material. The thousands of genes that make up the baby’s brain are like switches just waiting to be turned on (or not!) by each child’s experience and the environment.

When they start school, the best pupils don't perform well because they are "gifted," or "talented", but simply because they are better "prepared", and thus more "advanced" than their classmates.

Language is essential for the favorable development of a child's intellectual and social skills, and giving your child a head start as early as possible will be extremely beneficial. Children starting kindergarten or elementary school who have already acquired a solid foundation in math and language will keep this precious advantage for life.

Learning can further be improved by a strong family influence. Parents heavily impact the development, schooling, career and life of their children. Support from the family, as well as patience and long-lasting involvement of the parents, are crucial for the optimal development of children’s abilities.

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